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DevOps, Cloud, Security, CI/CD. You can have your cake and eat it too, with our help.

About Us

We are a small, boutique firm, and are able to be highly flexible in our engagement methods. We move fast - in many cases we can develop and deliver value to our clients in less time than the contract and legal negotiations with other vendors takes.

Stigian has pushed the leading edge of IT for years - from moving out of datacenters and monoliths into microservices, pipelines, CI/CD and the cloud. Rather than wait for standards to be published, checklists to be created, and ‘best practices’ to be established, Stigian works with industry leading organizations to define standards, develop the checklists, and determine the best practices based on detailed, principles based engineering and security knowledge.



DevOps, Cloud, CI/CD are not just buzzwords to us. They’re real, concrete things (well, not literally). They are business agility, stability and security. After decades of work in offensive security, we are fully convinced that these new technologies and methodologies represent a significant improvement in the way you use information. As cliche as it sounds, you can be safer, faster AND more stable in the cloud and actual research backs this up. The problem for many companies is that these things are complex, and difficult to get started. They also have many rough edges, which can easily erase all of the gains they provide.

Our Services

This is a sampling of themes, not an exhaustive list of line items. If your need fits these themes, or is adjancent, we can help!

Leadership Advisory

Providing advise to CxOs on cloud services, devops and security, with a focus on business value.


Boostrap secure CI/CD capabilities, or help bake security into existing pipelines (Jenkins, Concourse, CodePipeline, Gitlab, Github, etc.)


Everybody wants buzzword compliant development. We can at least give you something to back the buzz.

Pen Test

Your cloud environment is probably misconfigured. We can give you first hand knowledge of how that can be exploited.

Cloud Architecture

Got an app or service that doesn’t fit a popular template? We can help architect your cloud infra with security and performance tradeoffs in mind.

Cloud Security Support

Security reviews, SME training, audits, penetration tests and best practices development for the clouds.


We’ll enable safe, secure, self-service by putting technical guardrails in place, rather than burdensome processes.

Focused SME Training

We’ll work with your existing SMEs on specific areas within our expertise to get them rapidly up to speed with the industry leading edge.

Get value from innovation faster - call us.

We’re always excited to talk to people doing interesting things - this is more than just a job for us, it’s a passion.

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